Thursday, July 03, 2008

We meet again...

I can't believe a week has gone by...again...

So, last Friday we got up WAY early and made our way down 45 to Houston (actually...Magnolia, TX). We got there around 9 in the morning...and left around 2. Very quick trip.

But...we decided to come home through College we could drive around a bit.

I always wanted to go to A&M...since I was like 7 or something. Then, in high school...I had a competition at Texas Tech...and fell in love with it...and made a declaration to go there. Of course...that wasn't really in the cards immediately after high I had plans to go there a year later...and I met a guy who went to school there...which only solidified my decision.

And..then we broke up...and I met C (who, incidentally is from Lubbock). And....I ended up dropping out of school all together....only to go back a few years later to DBU (which I absolutely adored and even though there was no football team....I would not have had things work out any other way!). Over the last 8 years, C and I have become Longhorn fans...and I had long said good-bye to any Aggie or Red Raider love that once lived within me.

Until this year.

My cousins played high school football (which is HUGE in case you didn't know) for arguably one of the best teams in the state, the Southlake Carroll Dragons. B graduated last year and went to UNT...opting not to play football. But...D...graduated a few weeks ago with plans (and hopefully they include football) with A&M. And...his brother will be joining him there.

Anyway...though he hasn't made a decision...we sure hope to one day see him in action here

Ok, so we got back late Friday night...and made it to the mall early Saturday to start registering (YAY! fun). And...SOOO overwhelming. Who know silverware could cause such stress (I know...real problems).


The show was really, really good. So crowded. But...we had amazing seats. The first two pics were taken from our table. I had so much fun...and even C managed to have a good time.

No big plans for the 4th. I think we are just going to hang low...maybe do some swimming and grilling out. bestest friend (that moved to DC last year...and I have not seen in FOREVER) will be here Tuesday!!!! And...she will be here for a WHOLE month!!!!


Lauren said...

The weeks do fly by! I hope you enjoy your weekend and your visit with your friend.

Let us know which patterns you decide to register for.