Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I ran a bunch of errands this morning...and my air conditioner couldn't keep up with my constant in and out of the car. However....I think I got everything done for the week...and shouldn't have that many more "to do's" this week.

I remember when I first got my drivers license....I wanted to run ALL my Mom's errands for her. I swear I went to the grocery store everynight that first year. Not so much with loving to drive thing now days.

We are hoping to finish up our registry this weekend. I joke that C and I have the hardest time making decisions. The only thing we are 100% sure about is each other. And sometimes....well...ya know.

Anyways...it was funny to see the things he HAD to have.
1. Coffee maker. He is a coffee drinkin fool. Me...not so much.
2. Pannini press. Seriously.
3. Chip and dip bowl. Well...he didn't have to have one...but he wanted to pick it out.

Me....I'm not really a kitchen kind of girl. Possibly because I've never had one of my own. So...pots and pans and griddles and ladles...OH MY.

But...I do like pretty things...

Like this Spode Baking Days set...(you know my love of all things polka dot).

And...these adorable Ralph Lauren Brunch plates...

And this Ice Blue (or Martha Stewart Blue) mixer...

When it came to registering for china and everday dishes...we postponed decision making.
These dishes are SO me. And SO not Charlie.

We all know who won that battle. Thank you very much.

And we have yet to decide on china. We are not fancy people AT ALL.
I tend to like older stuff anyways...and my Mom and I talked about finding an older pattern I like and trying to collect that over time. I think that would be a really fun thing to do.

But...if you were going to make register today for china...I'm thinking I would go with Emma's Garland....which I'm sure Charlie would just love. haha

Oh..and as a side note....He also registered for a set of plain white dishes (like diner dishes). I think it was a silent protest to the damask print above. And...because I let him hold the gun.


Lauren said...

I love the Spode Baking Days line! The polka dots are just so cute.

Enjoy your week!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

love the kitchen items you put on here. Next time you are in Waxahachie, you need to go into the Dove's nest, I think they have some things you would LOVE