Thursday, June 26, 2008

5 months

Or 21 weeks...from this Saturday...and I will be getting married.

This past weekend we actually went to a convention at the place where we are having our I thought I would snap a few photos...just to share with y'all.

Ok...this is the outside of the building. It is more of a convention center than a ballroom...but it is new...and really pretty inside. is big enough for ALL the people we have on the guest list (we both have HUGE families).

And...the staircase. So pretty. The lady who helped us book the facility joked that if she had a dime for every picture taken on the staircase, she could pay for our wedding.

I was thinking...well, let's set up a little drop box or something!! LOL

Ok, So afterward, we wanted to try to find the Hot Air Balloon Festival....and we did...but there weren't many balloons. We decided we would skip that (and the heat) and head to Waxahachie to drive around the old neighborhoods dreaming of owning one of those old Gingerbread houses.

We ended up driving around dowtown a bit too...and we stumbled upon this...and it totally cracked me up.

So cute. Making all kinds of a ruckus...until I got close. Then, he was just staring me down.

Anyways...I can't believe it is only 5 months away. I can't believe we still haven't bought a house. I can't believe we haven't booked a few of the "key" items for the reception. AHHH.

But...I've been working out a ton. Love my new gym, by the way. And...getting back on the WATP program. And WW. I know I will not be a size 2 at the wedding (or ever, for that matter)...but I hope to have my arms toned...and lose at least 20 more lbs.

C and I are off to Houston in the morning to go to a funeral. I think we are only doing a day trip...but I haven't been down that way in I'm hoping to maybe do a little bit of site seeing and shopping before heading home.

And Saturday....Hootie and the Blowfish!!! I'm so EXCITED!!