Sunday, July 20, 2008


Not too much to say this weekend. I did go to Cowboy's last night to celebrate my best friend (Jennifer) from DC and her 30th birthday...FUN. I can't believe how old we are getting.

Saw this little list of randomness on Shannon's blog. I decided to play along. Instead of just posting a whole new list of random things...I am using her list as a springboard. FUN

1. Like Shannon, I have an aversion to feet. Dalton's are pretty much the only feet I can tolerate...but the older he gets...the less "cute" they are. My family loves to act like they are going to rub their feet on me...just to see if I will freak out. I always do.

2. I don't like plain coffee. I do like the sweetened or cold coffees. Weird. I know.

3. I LOVE music. I can't clean or get ready without music. I can't drive without music either...unless I'm having quiet time with God. Texas music (Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Johnny Cooper, Cross Canadian, etc) and Christian music are tops on my list. But...I like everything from Harry Connick Jr to Aerosmith to Justin Timberlake. Word.

4. I graduated college with an undergrad degree in Print/Graphic Communication, I'm working on my masters in English and I have a certificate in Interior Design.

5. I am trying to get my teaching certification!

6. I read about 3 books per week. I'm actually in the process of reading five different books right now. Craziness!! More on that in a different post though. if you want to continue the random me up!!

Going to lunch with Jennifer tomorrow...and she is leaving Tuesday...I'm getting sad.

And then....we are meeting with the cake lady tomorrow night!!! YAY!!


Shannon said...

Ok, did you do all those quilts? Those are so pretty! That is funny about your feet too! :) What kind of books do you read?