Sunday, July 27, 2008

how things change

I've always heard that if you "want to hear God laugh....tell him your plans".

I have found this to be true over and over and over again...especially in the last few years.

This morning in church, the pastor said that more often than not...we find ourselves in trouble because we tried to get ahead of God.


So...anyways...the last few weeks have been really trying. Our last appointment with the realtor did not go well. The two houses I was beyond thrilled to look at (one of which we were more than willing to sign the papers on that night) were under contract. She took us to a few more houses...all of which were out of our budget...or absolutely not what we were looking for.

With the wedding 4 months away (YAY!)...I was really starting to panic about the house thing. We have been looking FOREVER...even before we were engaged. We just haven't found anything we were IN LOVE with....that was in our price range....and available.

But...we made a decision about a year ago that we didn't want to rent. And we have been spinning our wheels ever since. Then, about a week ago, we decided to look at some brand new apartments in Mansfield.

And...we fell in love.

They are so so (SO) nice...and about 1/2 of what we thought our mortgage would be (hello savings account!!). And...our apartment will be "on hold" tomorrow afternoon. And C will move in the last week of September....assuming they are done with it by then. They are like brand new little custom homes....lots of upgrades (and no previous renters). So we have a place to live...and a good 6 months before we have to revisit the idea of where to live/what to buy/etc.

For the first time in about a month...I feel like I can breathe again....and it feels good.

We even went furniture shopping fun.

And...we are putting a deposit on the cake this week......will share pictures tomorrow!!


Shannon said...

That quote is so true! Sounds like everything is working out now. Show us that cake!!