Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I've Got Nothing...

But I do have lots of pictures that are somewhat a part of my life right now.

First...the cake...

So this was the cake I fell in love with...maybe because it is my colors...but I also love the simplicity. So mine will be a lot like this...except it will be buttercream icing...and one more layer. So excited.

C's cake is a star with a Texas flag and lots of chocolate covered strawberries.

Next....the apartment....
This is the model of the apartment we are renting. Love that everything is new!!

Anyways...we got everything wrapped up with that Monday..and we got a garage...which is lucky because they only had one left and it was on our side of the building! YAY!!

The building should be finished by the end of now we are in serious packing mode. I wont actually move in until the wedding...but I will start moving some of the non-essentials over.

Let me just say that we are so excited about the huge task of downsizing all of our stuff!! Here we were looking at 3 and 4 bedroom houses....and now we are going to have an apartment with nearly a third of the square

But...we both feel like it will be a really great process...getting rid of everything we don't need or absolutely love.


Aimee said...

That cake is fabulous! Good choice! And the house looks great too!