Friday, July 18, 2008

College Football

Saw this on Cheryl's blog after seeing the SEC coaches on Kelly's blog.

Too funny.

We are off to meet up with our Realtor tonight. A house that we fell in love with like 3 years ago...that was actually under contract when we found back on the market!!! We were shocked to see it.

It is an older home near the golf course in Mansfield....needs a lot of updates but...we can handle that. Here's hoping there are no HUGE issues with the house. I'm trying to not get too excited.



Cheryl said...

Glad you enjoyed the Big 12 South Park coaches!
Love the black and white Damask dished and polka dotted cooking pot. I'm in love with all things Damask and have to resist purchasing everything I love in that print. Glad you got it on your registry! ;-)

Aimee said...

Good luck on the house! So exciting!!