Monday, June 02, 2008

june. already?

I actually scrapbooked. For myself, even. I haven't really scrapbooked since I left my job. Of course, I was just dipping my toes in the water with a really simple page...but was fun to get the paper and ink out again!


Where did May go?
Or Feb-April for that matter?

I went to Hobby Lobby the other day...and I kid you not...they were putting the Christmas ribbon out!!! WHAT??? All the summer stuff is marked down 50% and they were setting up fall stuff ... and making room for the Christmas stuff. C'mon now!

Ok, Ok....secretly...I'm excited. I mean...I will finally have my own place by this Christmas and the number 1 think I am most looking forward to is the decorating. But still...Isn't it a wee bit early? (oh my gosh...ornaments for the tree!!!).

So, I'm sick. I thought it was allergies or something...but it hasn't gone away...and now I'm working that fever clammy feeling. It's lovely really. And who doesn't love being sick in nearly 100 degree weather? Me, that's who.

C and I are going out of town Thursday...and I'm just praying that I'm better.

Not much else going on. Well...actually there is a lot on my plate. I am just doing my best to ignore it and hope it all works out on its own. I'm really starting to stress about the wedding coming together. And, my student loans. And, about my "career" plans working out. But...who wants to think about that kind of stuff?

Instead of worrying about all of that...I've been wanting these lil red riding hood converse. Are they not the cutest?? I have a thing for converse...and these are melting my heart. :)