Friday, May 23, 2008

6 months....gas prices....early mornings....

...all the things on my mind this morning.

I woke up at 5:15 am this morning...AHHHH.
What is that? And...I was wide awake! I called C to chat with him on his way to work around 5:45...and totally freaked him out. He is such an early bird...and I'm....SO not. He thought something was wrong with me. LOL.

Anyways...yesterday was 5-22...which means I have less than 6 months till I get married. EEK.
I'm so excited...and so tempted to panic all at the same time. I really am not sure where my plans are falling on the "suggested timeline". I'm not good with decisions. Do I want to do my own flowers...or do I want to pay a little (ok...a lot) more for someone else to do it? What kind of cake? Band or dj? Buy linens (found a website with really inexpensive) or rent (costs the same as buying them)? When we changed reception locations, we also lost the help of the in house coordinator (which is fine...because C couldn't stand her)...but now I feel a little lost with all the options out there. We are having our reception at a less than traditional place. Don't get me wrong...they have receptions there all the time...but it's a completely DIY place (they don't provide anything beyond the tables/chairs/dance floor.)

I'm spending a lot of time on for ideas. Here is some flower love. Of course...these look a little spring-y...and my colors are a little more rich for fall...but these are fun either way.

With the fear that it will be over $4 a gallon by this time next week....I decided to fill up early this morning...

and it cost me $40 for 3/4 of tank!!!! I have a little car too. I think I'm going to quit leaving my house. I so wish my town had some sort of public transportation.

And finally...I am loving this song right now. Loving it!


Jenna said...

Yay for the wedding getting closer! How exciting. My best friend is getting married in June, so I am all about weddings at the moment. It is just so fun.

Ok, that picture at that gas station is hilarious. And sadly, SO true.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!