Monday, May 19, 2008


I feel like the days are just zipping by. Do you?

Just wanted to share a few random memories from the last few weeks.

The first...the best pie ever.

Now, I don't generally make it a habit to call any pie (other than my grandmothers) the "best". But this chocolate cream pie was so good I nearly cried. We got it a little cafe in Waxahachie the other day while we were hanging out at The Crafty Scrapper. The owner, Carolyn and her husband suggested the cafe...and it was so good, it's all I can do to not drive out there everyday for a slice!

For my birthday...we all went out to eat at this little Mexican place...and they had a fountain. I guess it was Dalton's first time to experience a fountain...and he wanted to throw "penndees" in it ALL night! I'm pretty sure we threw about $50 in change in there. LOL

A couple of months ago, he discovered his shadow and it totally freaked him out. I thought we had worked through that....until he realized last weeked that his shadow followed him. He kept running away from it...and of course...there it was....and he would freak out and run some more. We laughed so hard...poor guy.

This past weekend, we had a late birthday dinner with my Daddy. We went to Hoffbrau, and I had steak (which I NEVER EVER eat)...and it was SO good. I swear I've gained 5lbs since my birthday with all these treats! Thank goodness it's all over. Dad's company was a sponser on the New Orleans Extreme Makeover Home Edition that aired this past Sunday. He got to spend the week on the set working/helping out (I think it was just a few months ago that it was taped). Anyways...he was reminding us that it was coming on...and telling us all about it. Very interesting.

And, lil sister had her prom (junior prom, I think). I couldn't make it to the "picture time", but I stole these off her myspace....isn't she cute? And could my little brother be any cuter?


Jenna said...

I do not need to look at that pie this late at night! It will make me want to go into the kitchen looking for something sweet!!!

Loved all your pictures! So fun, and happy birthday!!!