Thursday, May 01, 2008

Further Procrastination

Technically, the paper is finished...(whew) just needs to be "cleaned up".
So...I have spent the last hour building a workout playlist.

Also, as I have shared with a few of y'all...I have discovered the wonder of exercise tv on demand!!! OMG I seriously watched (LOL) tons of workouts last night. Well...not the whole workout but you know.

Right now they have the 30 day shred video from that Biggest Loser girl, the Girls Next Door workout (LOL), and lots of pilates, taebo, walking, yoga, etc.'s all free. I think every month the "menu" changes a little bit.

If you have on-demand check it out. Who knew I could ever get so excited about working out?

Tomorrow I get to finish all the errands I've been putting off for the past weeks. Do I have 20 things to that need to go to the post office and bank?


christie said...

LOVE the new look...fabbie! Hope everything is going great!

*nichole* said...

hey girl!
i have Ondemand..and never knew you could free workouts!! awesome!
i must check that out when my neck is back to feeling normal! lol