Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm procrastinating.

And, I'm really (I mean really) good at it.
I've walked two miles.
I've found a couple of fun new blogs.
I've organized some stuff around my room.
I'm now blogging.

I should really be finishing up that paper.

It's due Sunday...but I hate knowing a paper is due (and not finished ) on the weekend. We have lots of fun things planned...and I don't want that ruining anything.

So...I'm about 4 pages into the 10 page paper. I'm hoping to finish up tonight....and more papers until this fall!!!!

Also....if anyone is still you have a favorite excercise dvd? I'm loving the WATP (check it out...18 miles already!)...but I know I want to start mixing things I don't get bored.

Share your favorites!!!

Oh...and I lost 1 teeny little pound at ww yesterday. least it's going down (it had gone up the last time I went).


Kim Ryden said...

TaeBo always kicks my butt! (In a good way!)

Tasha said...

Hahaha if procrastination was a talent it would be mine!!! I am suppose to be finishing my take home final and through other blogs I have found your blog! My favorite excercise dvds are Walk away the pounds and pilates.