Thursday, May 08, 2008

burning the midnight oil....

My sweet buddy :) He's been my study partner lately!

One more final. Of course it's massive...and I'm right on the borderline between an A and an A- (which will knock down the gpa). There are like 72 ideas/people/terms/etc and 20 possible essay questions. I'm so grateful for the review...but it has pretty much consumed my whole life this week.

I did just squeeze in a 2 mile WATP. Yay. I kinda slacked off earlier in the week...but I'm on target to hit my 30 miles on Saturday (my birthday). I will be setting a new goal for our mini vacation a few weeks after that. It is really helping the accountability!

I didn't get to WW this week (I guess I've become the every other week girl). My Aunt had to have some work done at the dentist...and was given some happy pills....and ordered not to drive.
So while I have no idea if I've lost weight...I can see such a change in my arms and legs already. My legs are the quickest to change (thanks to years of soccer). I just wish my tummy would change already!!!

I've been reading this book:

and I love it. It was a little slow going at first...but I'm so ready to find out what happens!!! There are a few more in the series...and they are definitely on the list for this summer :)

Lots of other fun things planned for this coming in. I love that my birthday falls on mother's day...because it gives (additional) reason for all my family to get together...especially those that live out of town.

And...I just found out my cousins from Dubai will be here the first week of well as my best friend who now lives in DC. YAY YAY YAY!


Ashley said...

How are finals coming?

Jenna said...

Hey Tricia! Thanks for your comment on my blog and for the congrats! Girl, I am feeling your pain on finals (ugh! they were my arch nemesis)--hope they all went well for you!! Hang in there!