Thursday, April 24, 2008


That is what I am doing!!

According, I have 212 days to go!!! Yay yay yay!

In addition to our new found bike-love, I have pulled out the old "Walk Away the Pounds" dvd's. Since Monday, I have tracked 5 miles...and I have a goal of 30 miles by my birthday. It's amazing, even since Monday I have seen a big difference.
I can do the 1 mile and not break a I am progressing to the 2 mile, and hopefully the 3 mile by this time next week.

And then...this one. It has several different 1 mile walk combinations in 3 and 5 mile groupings.

I didn't get to ww this week...but I am really hoping the walking and cutting back on the fast food is paying off.

In other news, my sweet cousin Britney just bought a house.
So happy for her! She is having a little housewarming get together this we are headed out to visit her...very excited about that!

Megan's friend brought over a ton of clothes yesterday...mostly brand new with tags...and gave them to me. Usually I'm not that big on hand me down clothes, but these are really cute...and office-y (which I really needed), and they were I'm organizing the closet with all the new clothes. I think I'm going to pick her up a little something this weekend as a thank you.

K, off to start a new book that I have been wanting to read for a few weeks. Now that school is finally slowing down...I can start it.

Will share more about that later!


Ashley said...

Yes, yes, yes I am a scrapbooker!!! I actually love paper scraping, but my sister just made me fall in love with digital...I mean my new customer blog-header is just a digital scrapbook page!!! That's when I really decided that I wanted to do it.

Oh, and how is with workout video coming? Can you really tell a difference because I am desperate to loose 20 lbs in 4 months!!!!!