Monday, April 21, 2008

Tells from the bike...

Here lately C and I have been talking a lot about getting in shape. Of course... a lot of this is wedding fueled. But...we really do want to get in better shape...which means branching out from our little casual walks.

So...we bought some bikes!!! Mine is the pink one in the back. They aren't super fancy...but they are pretty nice.

Now, I have not been on a bike in 12+ years...nor am I the same weight I was 12 years ago. I was a little fearful...but hard could it be?


In some weird twist of luck (or unluck)...we started off with the wind. I was a little wobbly at first..and then took off like I was 6 years old again. I'm thinking: I've totally got the hang of this...I'm going to do this everyday....I may even start riding to the store...omg I am going to be in the best shape....

This is where the road turns and we are now peddling into the wind. I swear the bike would barely move. I was breathing so hard, peddling like crazy and the truck was still so very far away. This is also where I realize that this seat is pretty much the most uncomfortable thing EVER.

It is getting much easier finally. Thank goodness.

I was sharing with a friend and she said the same thing happened to her...but she was by herself and had to call her husband (LOL...omg) to come get her.

I wanted to share some pics because I finally got a card reader for the laptop (and a new camera!!!!).

Dalton's boot. He wears boots ALL the time now.

Even with shorts. Cute.

This is the way we eat donuts. Thank you very much.

And this is his most favorite person...his Pop.

They were ar the races and having a little bonding moment.

Anyway...I'm exhausted...but I can't decide if I want to be crafty or go to bed ultra early.
Decisions decisions.