Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello Old Friend...

I use the term friend jokingly.
Today I revisted this guy:

for the first time in several weeks.
Not so fun.

But, I had put it off and put it off...and it wasn't as horrible as I thought. Anyways...back on track again!

Which is good...because we finally finalized the wedding date!!! YAY!

We were struggling with reception sites...and spur of the moment found/visited another site 2 weeks ago. My mom went back with us last week...and we signed a contract!!! Yay yay yay!!

I mean, I knew it was going to happen...I was just starting to panic about where. I was not happy with the current "plan" or "planner" and thankfully, we were still in a position to back out. It never ceases to amaze me how things really always work themselves out!

So anyways...November 22, 2008...I will marry my best friend in front of all the most important people in my life....and I can not wait!!!

Oh...and I realize I totally flaked on the photo thing. Way too busy right now...but maybe I will try that again next year. LOL.


Ashley said...

Love the new background! And can I just be perfectly honest with you (and not to scare you) but this old friend will not be your friend for a long time. I worked hard and lost 15 lbs the 6 months before my wedding...9 months later, I put that plus 10 back on!!! But I try to look on the bright side...MARRIAGE IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

amberdawg said...
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Amber said...

Love the new look!!

Christie said...

LOVE the new wall paper...LOVE IT!
I am so excited you picked a date! I married in November too! It's the best month...crunchy leaves pictures, amazing sunsets...not hot, not freezing...perfect really! I am so excited for you!