Friday, April 11, 2008

29 days...

until I turn 29!!!
I thought I would be all creative and start with a picture from my first year, and work up to this past year....but I never got a chance to go through Mom's pictures.

So...I will just be sharing random pics from the last (nearly) 29 years.

I will not share the date on this one, as to not incriminate myself. :)
Let's just say it was before I met C (who does not drink, btw).

This is me and my bestest girlfriend Jen. Actually, most of my closest friends growing up were named Jennifer. Which is weird...because that was my name until I was actually born...and my mom changed her mind last minute to name me after both of my Grandmothers.

Anyway this Jen and I met right after hs graduation, we were both working at the gym together. We were completely inseperable for about 3 years...and pretty crazy most of the time. I'm shocked I have no injuries or a record from those years. I do have some pretty good stories though. Again, none of which I will share here. :)