Sunday, April 06, 2008

so much for that

yesterday was a busy blur of wedding planning. out of nowhere c has really stepped up in the fiance world. he is researching tons of things, setting up appointments and making decisions...such a nice surprise!! of course, that meant leaving the house at 10am yesterday and being gone the majority of the day. was fun.

while we were out, i scored a little detour trip to downtown waxahachie. that meant a stop in at two of my favorite stores: the crafty scrapper and the dove's nest. i finally got some of this and some of this. i also found my perfect birthday present at the dove's nest. i was dropping some big time hopefully that will pay off. :) he is usually pretty perceptive.

another busy day ahead. of course, it's not nearly as fun...and i only have myself to blame. by midnight i must finish my 10pg paper on the worldview most prominent in Groundhog Day (remember that movie?). fun. stuff. not.

maybe i will shock myself and finish it with a little bit of daylight left.

until then...