Friday, April 04, 2008

itchy eyes, good advice, and a plan

The weather here is all kinds of crazy. Yesterday it was so hot and humid, today...I wore a long sleeve shirt and jacket.
But...all things are finally in bloom:

I'm going to admit that both of these pics are from last year. I'm even going to admit that the reason I don't have any new pics is because I'm lazy.

Beyond the massive sneezing and itchy watery eyes, I love Texas in the spring! Bluebonnets are so, so pretty. I love the way plain old highways are so much brighter. Love to see people pulled over and having mini photo sessions. I love that it means my birthday is right around the well as summer.

Ah, summer...where there is no school. I think I'm officially burnt out. LOL...I guess that happens after 25 years of school. I've decided to hold off on applying for financial aid (you have to take 9hrs to qualify for grants in grad school). No more loans. Just planning on taking one class each semester for the next year and paying for it outright. This is for the best with the wedding plans, the house plans, etc. I was warned not to do all this stuff at one time...but I've never been one to follow other people's advice. Now I see.

Got lots of things I want to share...but I'm off to get ready for a date night!

I have set a goal to blog everyday until my birthday (at least). I loved what this girl did in the days before her birthday. So I will be doing my own little version... "the last 28 of 28" starting in a few days.