Sunday, April 06, 2008


that the kid is all about guitars.

i'd like to share with you exhibit a: a photo of dalton's band.
in keeping with the kids obsession, it's a guitar only group. we have air (ahem..the blow up guitars played by aaron and country), stringless acoustic (because a two year old loves to break things) played by ashley, a fancy mini-electric (again...broken whammy bar) played by pop (my stepdad), a guitar playing houndog (next to pop) and one adorably irresistible, guitar loving two year old. what's funny is that there are at least four other people outside of this picture with guitars of their own.
now you know how we spend our nights.
so the paper is done. i'm not pleased with it. but i always go into panic mode once they are turned in. i hate when a page limit is assigned to a paper. i think it leads to rambling to fill space. of course...i'm far to smart to fall prey to this...and my paper was barely 8 pages. i'd rather take a tiny hit for that then the big hit for mindless babble. of course, if i didn't wait until the weekend the paper was due...i could probably fashion something better. oh well.