Monday, March 10, 2008


me and this blog.
It's kind of lame, no?

I have felt backwards and rushed all day. So not good with time change. Especially when I'm too lazy to actually change the clocks.

At least it wasn't freezing cold and raining all day. So over that.

Really considering this:

I mean how many times can I put it in my cart, then take it out? C says go for it....I just may.

Reading lots and lots lately (and not so much the required stuff for school either)

Finally picked this up. I don't know why....but I really had no interest in it all these months. I'm only a few pages in...and I already recommend it. Also finished Sophie Kinsella's "Remember Me". Really cute.

And...all about the house stuff here lately.
Just a few of the things I'm loving....

this little fainting sofa from urban outfitters...almost makes me want to faint. I'm pretty sure I need it. LOL

I'm also diggin these prints from ballard designs.

This is going to be fun!!


Kim Ryden said...

Go for the will love it! I know I do and I have only had it for a few months!

Christie said...

You will like the camera. I have the 20D, but have used the's all great!
As for the cute house stuff...LOVE IT! Will you email me your new address and I will send you a fun housewarming gift!