Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday, Friday...

I can't believe it is Friday. It's amazing how fast some weeks just seem to fly by.

C and I are planning a fun date night starting with catching my cousin perform at a semi battle of the bands thing tonight. Then we are off to a late movie and dinner. Fun fun!

I went out to my favorite store today for some shopping...and was lucky enough to catch her unloading some brand new product:

Isn't it yummie? I literally waited on her to unpack it so that I could get some! Got some Jenni Bowlin and Daisy D's's to some creative time this weekend.

And, thought I might share some of my favorite pictures from the week.

Buddy. So, my cat is kind of weird. Thankfully for him, he is also really cute. His major job on Wednesday was watching the neighborhood from the top of a truck. Just another day.

My lil stinker. He HATES having his picture made....and I LOVE taking it. Sometimes we have issues. Love it when I get a good one like this (note the expression). He's too cute. Just a trace of the boo-boo on his nose where he bit the dust.

Big plans for the weekend:
-Meeting with wedding coordinator hopefully we will get our date set and plans rolling (FINALLY).
-Celebrating my parents 25th anniversary.
-Heading out to my Dad's to celebrate my baby brother's 11th birthday!
-Meeting with our realtor.
-Booking our engagement photos with C's sister.
-Paper on last week's service learning project at Mission Arlington.

Have a fabulous weekend!!