Thursday, March 13, 2008

10 Things..

1. Don’t buy the reduced fat Oreos. Seriously. They are good. Really good. And, there must be some kind of chemical in them that convinces you to eat twice what you normally would…because they are reduced fat after all.

2. I know some of the funniest people. And, laughing burns calories. So if you don’t listen to my Oreo advice…at least get you some funny friends. That way…it all evens out.

3. Cancun, here I come. Well, in about 4 and a half months anyway. Which means that I must work out every day between now and then. And I’m thinking an apple and Coke are not the best dinner decisions.

4. “I wanna jam”. My new favorite words. When I pick Dalton up from school…he says this over and over until we get in the car. And then…we jam. Stoney is his favorite. He is so my nephew.

5. I’m changing my hair. New color. New cut. C is so nervous about this. “Don’t change it too much before the wedding” he says. “You didn’t fall in love with me because of my hair” I say. And then we quote an old Randy Travis song. This happens every time I mention changing my hair. I thank God everyday that I found someone who is just as nerdy as me. It’s a beautiful thing…nerd love.

6. I miss old times. I could go on an on. But I won’t. I just wish some things didn’t change.

7. Not working out for a week will affect you. Nothing like panting a half mile into the workout to realize you’ve been slacking. This will not fly for Cancun, wedding, honeymoon, life plans. Seriously.

8. As much as she drives me crazy…my Mom is my best friend. She always has the best advice (but don’t tell her I said that). She always knows best. And, she really does love me unconditionally.

9. Sometimes little dives are the best place to go. We went out with some friends the other night to a little acoustic show at this barbeque restaurant in the boones. SO MUCH FUN. Now we are all trying to out-do one another with the most “off the beaten path” hangout. As long as there is running water and a decent potty…I’m game.

10. This was supposed to be a quick little post. I’ve been working on it for nearly 30 minutes. Well, I’ve been working on this post, my apple, downloading tunes, and doing laundry. Ok, ok…
and an Oreo.

Or two…


Kim Ryden said...

My husband always says, "Change is coming." When I get my hair's rather annoying!