Friday, April 20, 2007

Some random photos

I have been wanting to post some pictures for a while, but it seems like everytime I get on blogger to post pics, everything freezes up!

First, my kitty. Buddy the cat. I call him Budreaux. I don't know why. He is a crazy cat. completely random. He will not eat if I don't stand next to his food. In fact, I have to walk over to the bowl, and let him stand between my he can start eating. I can walk away once he begins....but not until. I'm the only person he does this with! If charlie, or my mom or anyone else feeds him...he just eats it. Me....he needs me to hang around a while. What a goob. Good thing he is so precious.

My shoes. My favorite shoes. They are the most comfortable pair I own. I have some newer black ones that I love...because they generally go with more...but aren't near as comfortable. So..I say pink is the new black. I have been known to wear them even when they completely clash with what I'm wearing. I've said it before...and I'll say it again...I'm cool like that.

The D-man on Easter. It was kind of cold here in Dallas on Easter. The day before it actually snowed (gasp!) all day. Of course none of it stuck, but it was a bit chilly for the summerish-Easter outfit Megan had got the kids. So they had to wear reg. clothes.

That's right...I said "kids" and "they". Megan is dating a guy with a daughter a day younger than Dalton. She's pretty cute.

Do you love how the Easter Bunny "hid" the eggs? Everytime Dalton would pick up an egg he would try to eat it. Too cute.

3 more weeks until graduation. So busy with announcements, party plans, grad-school decisions, work, cleaning my room, etc.
I thought I had this huge (10pg) paper due on Monday...and of course I waited until basically last minute (today) to start working on. Turns out, we all get an extension!!! One extra week. YAY!!! Now if I could just make myself work on it a little everyday.