Sunday, March 25, 2007

at any given time

there are a million things going full speed in my head.
i have so many ideas and dreams and goals...

and i think it may be a bit parlzying. like where do you start?
either that, or i'm incredibly lazy with the follow thru.

i have about 3 half finished my head.
albums full of scrapbook my head.
no less than 10 fun business my head.
a house completely decorated with my own personal my head.
amazing photo shoots i would like to be on both sides of the camera my head.
a wonderfuly healthy all natural pure diet where i feel detoxed, and fully of my head.
a couple of charity ideas/ my head.
a my head.
a gorgeous, elegant yet completely funky and down home wedding all planned my head.
a vacation itinerary using my newly acquired languages (spanish,french,etc) my head. (not the languages...just the travel plans).
full on parties, including themes, menus, gifts, games, my head.
at least 30 paper designs and other misc. graphic my head.

i would like all these things in my head (and my heart) come to fruition.
i'm working quite diligently on one of them... bet you can't guess which one. :)

please tell me i'm not alone in dreamworld.


Christie said...

You're Not Alone!! And the good news is, you're a third of the way there! Idea's generate action, Action generates movement, Movement generates results! You Can Do It!