Monday, January 22, 2007

*random tricia*

* i will graduate with my undergrad degree in may, one day after my 28th birthday. it took me 10 years to get a 4 year degree, but i believe it is worth more to me now, than it would have been 6 years ago. plus, i am still going to walk the stage before my 10 yr reunion, which was my ultimate goal.

* i read a book every day or two. some are pretty cheesy, easy reads. others are a bit more complex. and yet, i have the hardest time reading a textbook.

* i have been with my boyfriend for 6 years and 6 months this sunday. we hardly ever talked about getting married until this past fall. i believe i will be a married woman this time next year, though nothing is official.

* my favorite song ever is november rain by guns n roses. i used to think axl rose was hot (when i was like 12), though not so much anymore. following close on this list is suspicious minds by elvis, crazy by aerosmith, beverly hills by weezer and mary by jason boland. my dad and i have the same taste in music. we have been to several concerts (including aerosmith and lenny kravitz) together in the last few years.

* my hair and my eyes are three different colors...naturally. my hair is reddish brown with blond streaks. my eyes are brown around the pupil, green/grey in the middle and blue along the edge. these are my favorite physical traits about myself (it's all downhill beyond this).

* i drank more alcohol before i was 21 than i have in the 6 and half years since i turned 21. sad.

* i am the pickiest eater...seriously. i rarely eat red meat. i never eat fish or ham. i am partial to imitation bacon bits, and incredibly picky about the way my chicken is prepared. the smell of eggs makes me sick, and i only like cajun turkey. it would be easier to just be a vegetarian. except i don't like most vegtables. you would think i'd be rail thin...and yet...i'm sooo not.

* i have a certification in interior design that i have never used professionally.

* i learned to drive in a mustang. my second car was a mustang. my third and current car is a red mustang. i figure if i get another one....i will have to stick to it and add it to my quirks.

* i didn't have a relationship (or a good one anyways) with my dad until about 4 years ago. i have seen/talked to him more in the last 4 years than i did the 24 before that. no joke. i have learned that forgiveness is best thing you can do for yourself, and that it really isn't about the other person.

* i have every episode of friends memorized. seriously. don't even mess with me on "friends scene it". everyone wants to be on my team. i am cool like that.


creasa said...

Congrats on graduating! It took me more than 4 years, too! How cool your first car was a Mustang. Mine was a Chevette! Lucky girl!

Michelle Jo Klomp said...

You did a great job with this challenge :-)

I LOVE November Rain was actually our graduation song from 8th grade...weird I know.

Happay said...

totally loves me some Friends too

Bobbie said...

Love Mustangs too! We are having our 67 painted right now. It is so much fun to drive!!!

Rebecca said...

These are great Tricia! Love that you have had Mustang's forevah!

Kirsten said...

November Rain is my favorite song ever too! Not a big GNR fan over all, but love, love, love November Rain.

EK said...

I'm a picky eater too and just last night was thinking "I should be a vegetarian...if only I liked more vegetables!" Ha! I really really hope you get married this year! Tell your honey to commit already! :)