Monday, January 29, 2007



enough said, no?

Repeat with me:
Less than 4 months
Less than 4 months
Less than 4 months

why oh why don't I want to just get up and go to class?
it is seriously the biggest struggle right now.

In other news:
I've been working out like a mad woman.
My 10 yr reunion has been announced. Aug. 4th
I. can't. freakin. believe. it.
I hate that it means I'm going to be 28.
I hate that it has actually been 10 years.

I love that I get so see all my lovelies from h.s.
I love that a lot of old friendships are going to be rekindled (some already have with the help of myspace).

C and I have set a personal goal with our weight/fitness for mid summer that involves a little trip to Cabo. We (mostly me) have wanted to go forever...and this is the perfect incentive. Of course, him being a man, he has a smaller goal...and it will probably only take him a minute and half to reach it...but whatever.

Prayers for my daddy please. He is having some issues with his kidney. Hopefully, it is nothing serious...and with a little bit of time and medication it will be better. I just hate that he is in pain.

C, who doesn't talk about the whole wedding thing very often. I mean...he talks in terms of the future with both of us in it, but doesn't ask a whole lot of questions to make me think he is actually thinking about things outside of our discussions, asked me yesterday...out of the blue...where i might want to live when we got married. wow. small step for charlie...big step for mankind (or me anyways).

Really super jealous of all my girls from Luxe out in Cali. The booth looks HOT...and they look like they are having oodles of fun. Check them out at (the blog is linked from the site).

Enough rambling. Must decide to go to class tonight...or to workout.
or to nap?


EK said...

Good luck with your weightloss! And cute story about Charlie. I hope you get married!! :)