Friday, December 29, 2006

A Very Merry Indeed

A few Christmas photo shares... cousins B and D. Both starters for the Southlake Dragons football team.
They won the state championships last week (which they have done 4 out of the last 5 years).
They are both super smart, super athletic, and super sweet. So proud of them.
Everyone on the team dyes their hair blonde during the playoffs...that is why B's hair looks like that...the other one had already cut his hair!!
We all got together Christmas afternoon...and it being only 2 days after the game...that's all we could talk about. Fun stuff.

Next (these photos are so not in the order I uploaded them...ugh blogger!)
My sister. Isn't she cute? This was taken at my Dad's house on Christmas Eve. We always get together on Christmas Eve...and there is usually wild times to be had. However, with my Grandmother's recent health issues (the early stages of dimensia) the dynamic of the evening was totally different. We had fun and all...and it was great to see my Noni...I just am not a big fan of change. My dad got me some new black converse...and some perfume and money. I'm so, so, so glad that we are close now. I spent most of my life praying for a better (or any for that matter) relationship with him. Anyways...Kori's hair looked so cute. I am thinking of getting mine done like that when I get it cut. I'm just too lazy to straighten it everday like she does.

Ok...Christmas morning at my Mom and T's. Look at Buddy!!! Playing with his stocking goodies. He never had anything to do with cat nip...until this year. He was totally freaking out!!! Notice my foot in my paw print socks! :)

Another from Christmas morning. Dalton!!! He got a tricycle from my Grandparents. It was so much fun to watch him open gifts this year. Last year he just sat in his carrier and slept. LOL. Got another pair of converse from the parentals...PINK ones!!! They are beyond cute! I love the tradition of all of us opening presents together. I don't even like to think about what happens when I have I drag them to grandma and grandpa's to open all their presents...or do I create a family tradition of our own? I told you I hate change. :)

Last one from my daddy's. Kori and Alyssa (sister and sister to be). I just thought it was a cute pic. It's so weird to think about being an only child for seven years...and then having 3 half siblings...and a step sister on the way...and charlie has 4 sisters. Maybe all change isn't so bad.

I will share more soon! I totally tried to not worry about setting up the shots this I have done in the past. I just took pictures. And...I ended up with tons!!! I'm so excited to get them all printed and on some layouts!

Anyways...I'm having such a hard time digesting the New Year.
I love Resolutions. Love clean slates.
I'm piecing my list together right now. I try to be semi realistic...and am actually pleased to say that I accomplished much of what I set out to do this past year.

Going out for the 3rd annual white trash new years eve. bingo and fast taco and all my goofy friends. too much fun! and maybe some money???!!!

I hope you all have a safe and fabulous weekend. See ya next year! :) LOL (that was so my favorite thing to say before Christmas break in school!)