Monday, December 11, 2006

Humor Me

While I pull out an old pic:

Me and Megan...many years maybe 7?
I think I was about 19 or 20, so Megan was 12 or 13!
Of course...I'm no where near tiny, and this isn't even the smallest I've been. But...I would give anything twice over to be back here.
I ran across this picture tonight while cleaning...and almost started to cry.
Do y'all do that?
I can't believe how much has changed since this picture was taken.
My sister is now the age that I was in the picture...she is a mommy.
And...I no longer fit in that dress. UGH!
In the picture, it's a size 10...and loose.
I'm not a size 10 anymore...and none of my clothes are loose. LOL

I have a step aerobics class (for school) that starts 5 weeks from tomorrow.
If it started tomorrow...I seriously doubt I would make it more than 5 minutes.
So..tomorrow I'm off to the gym and all about the stairmaster and eliptical machine!

I still have this dress (it was one of my faves!) and I plan on wearing it again next year!


Christie said...

I know EXACTLY the thoughts and emotions you are talking about. And I'm pretty sure I would give, umm, my left pinky finger to be a size 10 and loose again! You'll get there and the dress will be hot! Merry Christmas!