Sunday, December 17, 2006

catch up

-passed physics, with a C, which is so much better than the D i was praying for. made a's in the other three classes.

-went shopping today. about half done. always wait till last minute and always say i won't do that again next year. always.

-growing my nails out. which is new.

-dropped the conditioner bottle on my toe this morning. it's blue now.

-thinking about my new year's resolutions. i love the fresh clean start of a new year.

-never started my new diet or exercise plan. well, except for one single trip to the gym.

-my dvd player is broken. this is a huge deal. now i realize that it may seem petty, what with the state of the world, to be so crushed by this. however....i seriously go to bed every night watching friends on dvd. everynight. which is perhaps one of the main reasons the thing no longer works. is it pitiful to mourn the loss of an electronic device?

-got the new LOOK book from autumn leaves. fabulous. my new favorite.

-finally saw the devil wears prada. the book is better. much.

-more to come later :)


Michelle StClair said...

Physics was THE hardest class i took in college!!!!!!! Woo hoo for the C!!!!