Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hey Y'all

*some of my faves from an impromptu photo shoot with my sisters friend the night before she had her baby!! fun stuff!

*finals this week: two tomorrow and the last one on thursday. i.can.not.wait.

*some serious scrappies going on. it is so good to scrap again.

*wicked is coming to dallas. yay!

*my cat is so over the cold he is driving me crazy. like a kid stuck inside!

*made tater soup last night. big yum!

*my cousins play for the southlake dragons and they won their game on sat. something like a 70 game winning streak. wow!!

*making a lot of the gifts this year. money's way tight...and i'm feeling super sentimental.

wish me lots of luck on my exams this week!!
lord knows i need some serious blessings in physics!!


creasa said...

Those are amazing pics you took! Supah Dupah! Congrats on your CK toot as well!