Tuesday, October 03, 2006


my nephew is going to be 1.
my buddy. isn't he too cute?
he's a mess though.

i've got a new little cousin. miss bella boo.
i went to east texas this past weekend to take some pics.
she is super tiny and so cute.
my uncle....has 4 girls. from 20 to 2 weeks.
bless him. lol

did i mention that d man got a hair cut a couple of weeks ago?
he also got a gate. well, he got the gate about 3 months ago when he started walking. i'm sure by this time next month...he will have learned to crawl over the gate. he is super strong...and afraid of nothing. anyways...check out the before on his hair. lol. little bit of a fro going on. megan didn't want to cut it though...i guess i understand. it was a little emotional at the salon. i can't believe how big he is getting.

i wanted to share this pic. isn't it wild? it was taken about a month ago down the street. it was about to rain...and the sky just looked wicked. interesting fact about the white building in the bottom right. in the spring of 99 a horrible tornado came through fort worth, and then straight down i-20 which is like 1/4 mile from where i was standing here. it totally demoed that building. it was just a plain building-it didn't have all those fancy things on the top. anyways the tornado pretty much ripped the external walls off of the building. you could drive by and see in all these offices. it was wild. anyways...the rebuilt it a little bit snazzier than it was.

and while i'm talking about that tornado. let me tell you where i was. i was working by myself at the mall-also on i-20. when the sirens started going off, i couldn't get ahold of my family (i was 20). i started freaking out...trying to decide if i should try to make it home really quick. anyways...within minutes the power went out at the mall and the police and security ushered everyone into these hallways behind the stores. now it was april or may, in texas, and there was no air conditioner, and there were about 200 peeps in my hallway with me. or...i could say it was super hot. i was pretty sure i was going to die. after about 45minutes they let all of us out and we all gathered in the mall to be told by a police officer that there had been a bad tornado and that at last update it was basically a 1/2 mile from my house. i remember the drive home like it was yesterday. there were cars turned upside down in the road. i had to drive in the complete dark, massive rain. 20 was blocked and the 1-way service road was basically a free for all. we lost our fence and power. but...all was safe. well, except for some buildings. fun stuff living in tornado alley. but that is really the only one i've personally had to deal with.

too cute huh?

k, gonna finish my studio 60 watchin.
it's a good show...do y'all watch it?