Thursday, October 12, 2006


so. friday is finally within view. i always feel silly willing the weeks to go by. i mean...cause don't we always end up saying something like "time goes by so fast" or "where did all my time go?"

physics class is kicking my butt. it is seriously the hardest class i have ever had to take. which makes me want to reconsider the idea of grad school. i have always picked things up fairly easily. i guess i never really appreciated that until now. i just don't get it. it's like my mind has to know and be able to apply so many things just to answer one word problem. my professor is part of the problem. he is so difficult. he really pushes us. which is fine, if i could only understand what is going on. i feel like i am just sitting there with this blank look on my face for 75mins every tues/thursday. and then

so anyways, today at 3pm the whole classroom thing was over until monday at 3pm. i still have chapel tomorrow morning, but that is fun. i am going to miss chapel when i graduate. i have always been a believer, although we rarely went to church growing up. i never considered going to dbu. when i was little, i so desperately wanted to be an aggie (texas a&m). my senior year i advanced in some academic competition and the regional contest was at texas tech. i fell in love with the campus. my plans were community college for a year...and then tech. meanwhile, i fell in love with a guy who was at tech, which only cemented my plans. however, we didn't qualify for financial aid, and realized maybe i wasn't really in love. so i basically quit school altogether. found a full time job, met charlie,and partied, partied, partied (seriously). in 2001 i was so burnt out at my job that i couldn't stand another minute. i walked right in there and quit, worked for two weeks and then c and i left for a week road trip. i drove through nyc the friday before 9-11. a week later my company had laid tons of people off. they asked me if i would be willing to work part time (which was a blessing because i couldn't find a comparable job here to save my life). i took a few classes at the community college, but basically started working again.

then, one day in may of 2003, i just drove to dbu, toured the campus, filled out the application and paid my $25. a week later i had been accepted to a private baptist college. this from the party girl. i don't really even remember thinking about it, much less talking about it to my family. it's almost like my car just drove me there.

i'm not sure why i'm rambling on about this. but, i just started thinking about it tonight. i feel like God lead me to dbu. He wants me there (even in physics class). surely i can make it through the next 6 or so weeks? and then just another semester till i will (finally) be able to walk the stage again.

anyways...since i've been at dbu, my faith as grown so much. never in my life had i seen students (or anybody for that matter) gathered in prayer (outside of church services). never have i talked so openly about my faith, and certainly never had i been in a classroom that prays before lecture (and of course before the tests).

basically, i'm really thankful to be there.....

and i think every once in a while it's a good thing to remind yourself of things like this.

i hope y'all have a fabulous weekend.