Monday, August 28, 2006

(something really clever)

so it finally rained in dallas.
it cooled things off...a tiny tiny bit.
i will be so glad when it is under 100.
for more than one day.

went to the cowboy game sat.
they won.
i was super hot.
but had tons of fun.
love miss erika and her free ticket gettin self.
did i say it was hot?
it so was.

cookie makin is my new thing.
love me some cookies.
of goal is to give them all away before i eat them.
make, decorate, photograph, give away.

saving the best news for last:
who had a blowout on I-20 in the rain on the way to school today????
happy monday.


Christie said...

Seriously, in a couple of days it will have been a month. We still read...can you throw us a bone?