Wednesday, May 17, 2006

yep yep

talking with lori today about baby names (she is preggo) and she tells me this lady's grandaughter's name is isabella "absidee". i'm like...that's an odd name...but whatever. she's like "ABCDE" is her fricken middle name!!!!!! WHAT?? craziness...but I digress

i'm pretty sure the chick across the street isn't going to pay me.
i'm working on accepting that.
she carelessly rammed her car into mine, left a note stating her guilt, promised to pay...and has yet to actually walk her butt over to my house to talk to me.
i've gone over there twice and asked for the money..or an approximate date to expect being the innocent party should have to do the dirty work. by the is no fun to ask people for money...i never want to do it again. and monday...she literally ran to her car when i pulled into the cul-de-sac. nice.
like i said...i'm working on it.

i'm so annoyed with her that it is really clouding my days.
i hate that.
i hate that she not only damaged my car, and has yet to do anything about it...
but that she is acting like i'm horrible because i want the money....
i hate that my neighbors (who she is staying with) won't even wave when i am outside
i hate that people are immature and run from responsibility
i that that she has the money to drive or fly to kansas and back every weekend
i hate that my car has a huge dent in it (my baby!)
i hate that everytime i park my car at my home...i think of her, and the anger boils again

i'm trying to be grateful
that nobody was injured
that i have insurance...and my car will get fixed eventually
that i'm learning a valuable lesson on being morally and ethically responsible
that my car is still driveable
that i don't have to live away from my boyfriend during the week
that my life is probably not quite as horrible as hers (that she can't pay me...or file it on insurance)
that no matter how bad things seem to get, they always get better
that it really isn't that big of a deal in the long run


Chris-el-da said...

that's so funny about abcde. i have a friend how knows someone named abcde. tada!

but it's her first name. i'd like to know what her middle name is.