Monday, May 22, 2006

scrappin again

one for my vacation album from last year (nyc, cape cod, niagara falls, etc) got kinda crazy and did my own lil swirly thingie...but i think it turned out fun.

and one of goofy miss erika (or i prefer). she is seriously the biggest hp nerd i know. it's so cute though. who says it's just for kids? the glasses totally crack me up!!

i got the money from the girl across the street.
i hand it over to God...and she brings me the money.
just like that...
i'm just sayin :)

mom stepped up to pay my tuition (i am paying her back) but now i am no longer a ball of nerves trying to come up with $1300.
i am so not going to a private graduate school...unless i get scholarships!

i should go to bed.
i can't get used to staying up all night...
i start my job on friday.
must wake up early :)


ashley said...

Yay for the money situation relief. That's great news!