Thursday, May 25, 2006

my place

ok, so i've had a difficult time with the whole blog thing.
ya know, this free-summer break time should be filled with wild adventures and the problem should be not enough time (or energy) to blog...not having absolutely nothing to blog about syndrome such as my own.

anywhoo...i stumbled upon a fabulous scrapbooking site createmykeepsake. i have spent the last couple of hours checking it out. fun stuff. you should check it out...and when you fall in love with it...which i'm sure you will...join. and when you join...which i'm sure you will...please put me as the chick that reffered you (username: frenzynae). there is a blog challenge on the message board...which i think is kind of cool...especially for those with no life...such as myself (Lord, let me remember these days when I am busy beyond control...and Lord, please let those days come soon). Today, chelsea initiated the challenge to blog someplace you've been, but never scrapped.
here goes:

Every weekday from the months of September to May (and sometimes in the summer), I make the 25 min drive down I-20 to my school. It's highway the majority of the way...and then the worst possible road (bumps galore) the last few minutes. school is absolutely stunning. It sits on top of a the Dallas Hill Country (it's there...I promise). It's very colonial, and very private-school looking (ya know?), which I love. There are statues everywhere, and fountains, and ponds, and trees. There is a lake on one side of the school, and a huge church on the other side (the potters house...where t.d. jakes preaches).

I obviously go there for classes, but I have also been known to make the drive (despite gas prices) just to study, even though I could so do that at home...or the library down the street.

I started college (or this one) when I was 24. I don't live on campus...and haven't made the kind of memories that my classmates are making, I'm sure. But, I'm ok with that...because I'm finding myself at that school. In the classrooms, on the drive there, and walking around campus.

I should really scrapbook about the school...I guess I have always held off from doing that ... because of my memories being different from the typical 18-22 year old college student....but that really doesn't matter.

I mean..these are my feelings...and I want to remember them.


CMK said...

great you a reason to scrap it huh?

Chelsea said...

Great entry! This is exactly what I was hoping to learn from people! You'd better be taking a camera next time you make that drive!! I can't wait to see it!

Bobbie said...

Great entry! Don't you just love CMK.