Tuesday, May 30, 2006


i asked for it last week...and i got it!
i finally have some things to keep me busy.
is it crazy that i am excited about this?

~started summer classes today: meterology and speech
~my speech professor is pretty much the coolest prof. i have ever had
~start working for charlie's sister soon doing all kinds of editing, and desktop publishing stuff for her photograpy studio..yay!
~got to see lots of family this weekend at various graduation parties..fun stuff
~helping out my aunt during the week with her kiddos...and she is helping me out with some stuff (love that!)
~got lots of scrappin done...or should i say started. does anybody else start tons of pages and finish them later?
~got my toes done...i love love love pedicures
~got vegas paid off, beyond excited about that...and we leave in like 40 days or something crazy
~have weigh in tonight...fingers crossed..didn't get to work out as much as i had hoped ***eta**** i lost 1.4 for a total of 7.2lbs gone!!!
~got some seriously fabulous emails today...i love good mail/email days
~going to watch madagascar with my lil cousin (on dvd)..such a cute movie!!
~can't wait to see the break up this weekend. i heart vince vaughn
~picked up Friends season 10 the other day...completes my set!! (cough*nerd*cough)
peace out y'alls!!!


ashley said...

I only need seasons 9 and 10! I've halfway through 7 right now.

Meterology sounds like a cool class! Keep us updated on what you learn!