Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oh Happy Day

Why do I have that song in my head? How random is that?

That...and "Today was a good day". Isn't that from the movie "Friday" or something like that? Sometimes I wonder about these things.

So...I'm totally stealing miss ek's format. Why?'s easier to type. I'm completely a mess. Thoughts everywhere...all the time. Thus...I generally write like this...and end up having to read it like that. Or...I have to later...and then I'm like "what the hell are you trying to say Tricia". looks like it might put a little bit of order to this aspect of my life...and who doesn't need a little bit of order every now and then?

So without further ado, I give you:

Clutz Moment of the Day: I fell in the Hooter's parking lot. My sister is a waitress there. Family is in, we went to visit (harrass...whatever) her. C and I were walking across the parking lot, I trip/fall/make a scene/whatever...and seriously mess up my ankle. Sweet. I'm cool like that. Of course...we had BIG plans for the day so I walked on it nearly the rest of the day. And...the swelling is gorgeous, bruising.

Mold Moment of the Day (because what's a day without one?): Part of our BIG plans (see above) was house hunting. It's almost a sport. I'm probably one of the few chicks around here that could spot a flaw in a house a mile away. I seriously pitty the builder of my first house. Anyways...we have totally found a builder, it's actually a newer builder that has developed out of several track and custom builders merging. Anywhoo...we love the floorplans and details of their houses. We had even narrowed the search to basically three different hoods containing this particular companies construction. Today...we were looking at this beautiful house. Gorgeous. It was an open annoying salespeople (no offense if you are one...but I speak the truth). Just me and C gawking at the house. Then, I open the downstairs bathroom door, then the linen closet in the bathroom...and there it was...a completely black wall. NICE. On a freaking BRAND new house!!! Now, I know what your happens...probably a leak. Except...about two weeks ago we were looking at a different house...same builder...different hood. And there was 2 huge leaks in the house. Like dripping water/damaged ceiling/wet carpet. So...I guess we are back to square one now huh?

Bank Robbery Moment of the Day: Saw Inside Man (with the delicious Denzel Washington and Clive Owens) tonight. Such a good movie. Minus the throbbing ankle. GO SEE!!!

Annoying Thought of the Day: I'm beginning to dislike my city. It is just getting too big, too fast. I've always been such a city girl, I love shopping and going out to eat, and all the amazing things I can do without a lot of driving. I live in a HUGE metropolitan area. But I went to the movies the mall...and when the movie lets are basically herded (like animals) out the door...seriously. You are escorted (by way of ropes and cops) down the first escalator, around the ticket counter, down the next escalator and out into the parking lot, where you are not allowed to stand for more than one minute in any spot. I know they do it for safety, I realize they have to do it because of what could/does happen if they don't. But..that is what I'm talking about.

Happy Easter everyone. I hope it is amazing and blessed...and wonderful :)