Saturday, April 08, 2006

my sweet boy

and this time....I'm talking about Charlie :)
we were at barnes and noble last night looking at the paula deen magazine. well...i was looking at it and he was reading about video or computer something :) anyways...i started rambling on about this recipe.
and he stops me and says:
"you had me at tex-mex"

he totally cracks me up sometimes.

then today, jeff and erika took us to Scarborough Renaissance Festival, which is new for me and charlie. we are not really renaissance "people". if you've ever been to one of know what i mean. but they are our friends...and they really like it...and they got us free we went. anyways...these girls walk around trying to sell roses to the boys. one started to bug charlie about him needing to buy a rose, and he says..."i don't need your rose, cause i've got one right here" and hugged me. it was soooo cheesy. but cute, of course. i'm so not the lovey-dovey hug-kiss girl. i'm just not. but it was cute. and she was speechless.

anyways...the festival was different. it's in a really cool little village thingie in the middle of a field. i just was shocked at how "into" it everybody was. definitely a first for me and c.

my mom is home. she is better. still little sore...but soo soo stubborn.

my sweet dalton is so super cute. we have now progressed to me just looking at him is all it takes to bust into outrageous laughter.

found an awesome scrapbook store. have i talked about this already? freakin fabulous it is! they have tons of new stuff. too bad it's like 30 minutes away.

new video code. i'm such a gnr fan. which may or may not make me a dork. either way...i'm all over it.