Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hey Y'all

Dalton and his great grandma...he is telling a fish story "it was this big"

my sweet man (notice the shirt..it says "my aunt loves me" complete with an elephant!!)

Tricia has been super swamped. Is the semester over yet? UGH..it's been just awful. But...it has come down to a checklist of less than 10 things:

1. Turn in Power Point for Management by midnight 11-23
2. Finish World Lit Paper (6-10 pages) and all the other crap that goes with it by 4pm 11-28
3. Finish Power Point for World Lit and Present to class 11-29
4. Present Power Point for Mana (see #1) 11-30
5. Answer 40 essay question review for Mgt. then study for final on 12-5 or 12-7
6. Analyze three novels from the second half of World Lit and study them for final on 12-9

AND THEN... one week off before a mini term the week before Christmas. FUN!

I have also been working temp/part time for my old job. Fun stuff. Today was my last day though (whew). It is sooo hard to work and go to school. I give super props to those who can handle it...and make good grades. Y'all are my heroes.

So, I am taking time away from the afformentioned monster paper that is due Monday (but I want to get done before leaving tomorrow night for Turkey Day). SO, I thought I would play a little bit with my blog. Not sure what was going on with my old video..so I found a new one!!! Love them Oklahoma Boyz (Cross Canadian Ragweed). Plus I am working on just changing it up a bit.

SO...say hi if you are around! Let me know what you think!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!


nadine said...

oh my goodness he has grown!

Chris-el-da said...

he is so cute!!! love the "this big" story!!! awww!

you're such a rock as aunt!