Thursday, October 13, 2005


Look at those eyes!!! My lil sweet-stuff. It has been such a blessing having him around. I'm glad my family is close, I'm glad we can all just hang out together (well, most of the time).

I am bummed that I am sick. I am having to stay away from Dalton. NO kissies for a couple of days...I am gonna go ahead and go to the dr. tomorrow and try to get better asap!!!! this coming from the girl who HATES going to the dr.

In other news...tomorrow is Friday. WOHOOO. I am super excited. I am just going to forget that I am not feeling well...and scrap the weekend away. I have tons of projects (some of which need to be done as soon as next weekend...eek). I have not scrapped ONE pic of my little man. Can y'all believe that? fear...I will make up for that this weekend!!

I am working out at curves again. Feeling pretty good...and noticing some small changes already ... which rocks. Still doing the "real gym" thing too...but it's fun to go hang out with the girls at curves...and it's only 30 mins. Which...I would prob. be doing right now if I didn't feel like crap.

So, on that note...I will leave y'all with a happy list.
~Friday is pretty much here
~Super cool opportunity in the works...will share as soon as I know more (do y'all remember the big doin's post from way back...will big doin's were gone...but they appear to be comin back!!!)
~Halloween goodies....this is my favorite time of year
~Speaking of favorite time of year....I believe we are over the 90's until next year in North Texas...the weather is finally tolerable know like 88 degrees...LOL
~I got some new flip flops at payless (yes...i love that does the checkbook) brown suede and so adorable
~My lil man is more alert these days...see above pic...he just stares at you with those adorable blue/grey eyes...and melts your heart.
~Candy Corn...need I say more?
~Going to get all these pics developed after the doc tomorrow...then there will be no excuses for the lack of layouts!!!

Later Tators!!!


Ashley said...

How precious! That li'l face makes me wanna have one!! Yikes.

Emily Kate said...

I can't believe all that hair! He's so cute!

Chris-el-da said...

oh tricia! he's gotten soooo adorable! love babies and their scents!