Thursday, August 25, 2005

*up and at 'em*

well, i've officially been tagged. which, gets me out of my computer avoiding funk. thanks ashley

5 incredibly random things you could prob. go the rest of your life without knowing, but will get to know today!

1. my first *crush* was ben murr, in first grade. blonde hair, blue eyes. he was dreamy. coincidentally he is my eye doctor's son. and the last time i saw him...he was still quite crush-worthy.

2. i love catalogs. seriously, if a get a catalog in the makes my afternoon. clothes, accessories, home decor, scrap stuff, anything (though i am quite fond of office catalogs...weird huh?)

3. i love spaghetti (and have professed said love on more than one occasion), however i can not (CAN NOT) stand spaghetti-o's. it's just not right folks.

4. i burnt my feet at hurricane harbor on tuesday. 103 degrees + sand + concrete - shoes = burnt feet = duh tricia


5. i still sleep with a teddy bear ... awww

so there. a new post, a little random tricia junk...and a tagging of my own...CHRISELDA!!!


Emily Kate said...

I still sleep with my stuffed little monkey named Chee Chee! :)

Amber said...

love funny. love the foot one....take care of those bad boys...