Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Ya know the game truth or dare?
Well, I was always fond of the truth option.
Nothing much has changed with age.
I've done four dares (number 4 just hasn't been posted). I loved them. Loved the challenge.
This week, I pick truth:
And the truth is:
I am not a sexy girl. I'm just not.
And thus...
There will be no scrapbook page about how sexy I am.
Because I'm not.

So there.


Emily Kate said...

Girl you're crazy!! Of COURSE you're sexy! That's the whole point of this challenge! Everyone is sexy, they just don't always realize it!

Chris-el-da said...

i'm still trying to find something sexy about myself too! i asked a guy for his opinion and he said "i wouldn't use the word 'sexy' to describe you" whatever THAT means! but i'm sure there is something... your eyes, your hair, the way you chew your lip, the way you love...

the way you don't know it when you are!

Amber said...

oh this post makes amby so sad. girl, you have so many sexy things about you and you do not even see them. you are looking at sexy through the eyes of effing society. STOP. if i did that, i would have the worst freakin self-esteem in the world. don't let society win this one lovey. it doesn't deserve to win. k?

sweethc said...

Everyone is sexy in some kind of way. Even if it is just your eyes or the turn of your lip. Sexy really comes from loving matter what.