Saturday, August 06, 2005

*sHop tAlk*

Not really, but I love that talk.

Nothing new going on. But, a boring week is a good week sometimes. I actually finished up summer school. Sweet. Didn't do too bad, or too good. But...I'm officially 6 hours closer to graduating.

Saw my Dad a couple of times this week. He took me to lunch today. Yum! I gave him some Brooks & Dunn tickets for tonight (won them, but decided I didn't really want to go). He said he might get him a girlfriend. Whether he meant before or after he got there...I'm not sure. I love my Dad. We had such a hard first 24 years (LOL). Things are better now. The way I see it, I grew up without a father - figure. I mean, I have two (step and real). But...neither really seemed altogether "involved". I did alright though..because my mom is superwoman (i've seen the costume..she is the real deal folks).

But anyways, I talked to my Dad for like an hour the other night. At the end of the conversation, he told me that he was proud of me...for the things I do, and the person I am. I cried. and cried some more. He's never ever said this to me. It was sincere, it was real. I literally felt 20 something years of heartache leave my body. I don't know whether or not this will last, or if I will ever hear those words again from him, but I don't care...because I know now.

Anyways...I'm seriously addicted to Big Brother. It's not normal. Of course that's the only show I watch religiously, so I don't feel too dorky (except it comes on 3 times a week...eek). I love the show inked and miami inked. I think I'm a bad girl deep down. ??

Have y'all done the effer challenge this week? Check out Kristi's blog to the right. Fun stuff.

Y'all have an awesome Sunday...and whatever else comes between now and the next time.


Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Aren't Dad's the best!!!!! Glad you and your dad were able to bond :)

Emily Kate said...

Psst... I'm totally addicted to Big Brother too!!

Ashley said...

That's so great that you're better with your dad now. My dad and me are pffft...we'll never have a real relationship.

Chris-el-da said...

tricia - good to hear about your pops. how's your sissy? she had that baby yet?!

Ashley said...

Tag! You're it! Read my blog ;)