Monday, August 01, 2005

you should know

* i am compulsively messy, in a creative cluttered way of course
* i could eat spaghetti every night for dinner
* i always said i would never drive a red car
* i currently drive a shiny red mustang
* my siblings are quite possibly the cutest kids around
* i want to marry
Jason Boland and have him sing to me every night (and charlie is well aware of this)
* i'm a little bit rock n roll a lotta bit country
* i eat a cup of ice (at least) every night
* i'm deathly afraid of tornados
* i'm all about diversity, but can't tolerate hatred
* all of my "immediate" (mom, dad, gparents, aunts, uncles, cousins) family lives in texas (with the exception of lila in dubai) and most of them live in dallas/fort worth
* in less than 3 months, i will be an aunt
* i am seriously an animal girl (my faves are: cats, dogs, horses, elephants)
* my favorite alcoholic drinks are ameretto sours and shiner bock
* i have seen every episode of friends at least twice...this summer (it has to be on when i'm scrappin at home)
* i love sno cones
* i recently cut off 12" of hair for
locks of love
* i love lists like this
* i had spaghetti for dinner tonight
* i'm out :)

Your turn!!!


Missy said...

too cute tricia! and I said I'd never drive a YELLOW car... and now I'm driving a yellow nissan xterra.

Emily Kate said... like spaghetti? :)

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

I love lists, I love spaghetti, I love scrapbooking :) Cute idea :)

Amber said...

you are cute miss thang. i have a red car and i never thought i would drive one either...isn't that weird? i find that weird....LOL

Caroline said...

yum. spaghetti.

Klala said...

mmmm pasta. yum.

kim said...

hi. just wanted to chime in and say that I love your list! caught your blog from 2P's!

and funny thing about car colors....almost every vehicle I've owned since my first has been white! 5 and counting... :)

Psychgirl said...

I love lists too! Yours is fun.