Friday, July 08, 2005

Sharing the Love

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Just some pics from this weekend. Saw my Dad on Sunday. And K-Man *my lil bro* Aren't they supa cute???

So, got the whole financial aid thing settled. Very glad that everything worked out. I had like 3 major *issues* last week. One with the bank, one with the Aunt, and one with the school. I am convinced that bad things come in three's. Does this ever happen to y'all?

Anywhoo. Had a good Fourth. Saw Jeff & Erika. Had some Papasitos (I'm tellin y'all you have not had good food till you have had Tex-Mex). Saw the Longest Yard. Funny Movie. Had a mini-cookout at my house (thanks Terry). Chilled, Chilled and Chilled some more. Good times!!

There is now a movie theatre in Mansfield Texas. This is craziness. I mean Mansfield used to be the outskirts of the Metroplex (Dallas/Ft. Worth). land and a Dairy Queen. But now....they have a movie theatre, SuperTarget, Ross, On the Border, getting a new Hospital and a MALL!!! It's way convienent...because Arlington (my LOVELY hometown) is just toooooo busy. But, it's all kind of sad at the same time. One of C's friends is a Texas singer/songwriter and he has this song called "built on my memories". Totally fitting for all the new growth around Dallas. of on a tangent. :) So typical of me. Well, I'm off to scrap (it's 1210 am...and this is when I am most creative!!!) Have an awesome weekend!!!