Thursday, June 30, 2005


So. I filled out a change of circumstance in April, when I lost my job. (this is for financial aid at my lovely but incredibly expensive college) Anywhooo I have yet to hear anything about it. I figure since this is my last year in college, and I have worked full and part time since I was 15, and I usually get a rebate check for living expenses off of my fin. aid that I would take the next year off of work. This was the plan.

Then I got awarded my fin. aid for the 2005-2006 school year. The loans were the same (the max. for undergrad) but the other....the grants...were miniscule. OH well. Until a genius friend suggested the change of circumstance form. Filled it out (massive form with lots of added documents as proof). Sent it in. Waited, Waited, Waited. NO info.

So I called Tuesday. She said that she would put a note on the counselor's desk (my fin. aid counselor) He would call me back. I should have heard something within a couple of weeks of filling it out. She was kind of shocked it had been nearly 3 months. Great.

Today, I get online to see if anything has happened to my account (insert loads of prayer here). Oh, something has happened all right. Those numbers I was trying to get increased. Down to $0!!!! Oh and the loans that I had just GUARANTEED down to $0 as well. Total fin. aid for Tricia. Nadda. Nice.

Trying to be the new positive Tricia, I call...just knowing that they are going to tell me that they are just updating my account because my change in circumstance has been issued. They tell me my father called earlier this week and removed me from the university. GASP. What?

"Yes, your Father called and said you would not be attending here in the fall, we removed your award"

"I can ASSURE you he didn't call. Promise. Not my dad..or stepdad for that matter."

"Well, that's what it says"

"Well, it's wrong! Even if they called....what right do they have to remove me from the university or decline my financial aid? I'm 26 and my parents haven't paid for my college in at least the last 6 years."

"Well, I don't know what to tell you"

UGHHHHHHH. Could I be more frustrated???? SO she promises she will check into it and call me back before 5. Or, in the morning. One day without DRAMA Lord, one day!!! :)

Moral of the story and Tricia's positive spin on the whole ugly ordeal. That tiny amount that I was upset about in the beginning is looking seriously BIG right now!!!


Ashley said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Why would they have you removed from school?! Taht's insane. Hope it all gets straightened sooner than later!

Amber said...

oh wow...that sounds like a mess girl. I'm sure it is all just a huge misunderstanding. I will keep you in my prayers and hope they get it all figured out very soon! lots o hugs.

LindsayT said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear seems barbaric...hope it all works out in the end (which Im sure it will)