Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Finally Scrappin

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Me and "ole girl" !!! :) That is what Charlie calls everyone! and miss Megan. The "R" at the bottom is for Rene...which is what my family calls me...because both of my grandmothers are Patricia's. Anywhooo I love this pic of us. I can't remember if she took it or I did...either way...def. an arm away. We look nothing alike though. Good thing the other one looks like me :) Hopefully...Megan's little boy will look something like me!!! She is due in October. I can't believe my lil sister is having a baby. Crazy!!!

I've been in my usual funk lately. It's just been an incredibly hard couple of months. I can't seem to get happy...and stay that way. It's hard because I've always been a fairly happy girl. But...I had a serious talk with my friend Laura tonight. She is super spiritual...and just plain makes sense ya know? She reminded me that there are basically only two ways to handle the day. Positive or Negative. Sometimes you just are positive and happy, other days you have to make the decision to be happy.

I've been so worried about what people think about me lately that I have completely neglected how I feel about myself. Today has just been thinkin kinda day. I've decided....

* It doesn't matter when I graduate college, just that I do it.

* I'd rather have my feelings hurt easily than be as cold as ice.

* Not everyone is out to get me, and most people don't want to hurt me on purpose.

* There are some people in your life, that you will ALWAYS have to initiate conversations, plan get togethers and take care of. DO it if it is worth it...DON'T if it isn't.

* It is o.k. to stick to your beliefs, even if those around you don't.

* Serious jam sessions in your car, alone, are the cure all for EVERYTHING. Tonights pick: "free fallin" by Tom Petty.

Later Taters!!!


Ashley said...

1) Free fallin' is an awesome song!
2) Totally agree about your make plans if it's worth it, don't if it's not.
3) Cheer up!! It's so much better to be happy :)