Friday, June 17, 2005

Warning...Rant Ahead :)

OK...I'm peeved. Seriously. But...I want to remember this I don't fall prey again. LOL (I know...a bit dramatic) But..still!!!

So...if you are not in the mood to read my misery...skip the next few paragraphs.

I am SOOOOOO over some people now!!! I went to a fairly large high school. Some 500 students in the graduating class. AND...for the most part...we all got along. Seriously!!! There was no school bully, or snobby bitch. There were cliques...but everyone liked everyone...pretty much. This is awesome..of course. But...apparently it didn't prepare me for the world of realness. Because...there are just some people out there that are sooooooo not cool. I mean...I have never had people just not like...plain and simple. Till adulthood. I don't get it. What's worse...these people...are people magnets. People flock at them. Be my friend! Be my friend! It's like people aren't complete unless they are aknowledged by these freaks. SO...I will admit I am one of the sheep. In several areas of my life. Not Anymore. Whether or not you like me ... (these people) ... it will not determine my worth.

It all started a couple of weeks ago. I have the sweetest friend...and we are mutual friends with one of these ... "girls". Friend A (the nice one) would do ANYTHING to make friend B (the other one) accept her. She constantly praises her, does thing for her, tries to lift her up when she is down, etc...all the things a good friend does. Friend B...could seriously care less. She talks about her behind her back (AWFUL THINGS) ... she doesn't invite her anywhere...unless there is absolutely no one else. And we are all over the age of 23. I get so frustrated...but then realized I do sort of the same things. Not just with friend B, but other people in my life. It's like I'm an idiot to them. I say I like something...they hate it. No matter what I do around some people I feel so childish and attention craving. It's sooo weird that certain people have this power over others. I do it in college, at church (yes even church), at my old job, with my neighbor, and others. I try to be friendly, even when your awful to me, I always compliment you, and just let it pass when you are a complete horror sometimes. But... no matter what I do, say, wear, create,etc... I am just not worth of friendship to some. Fine... Of course, I want everyone to like me...I'm a nice girl. BUT...I can't do this anymore. It's costing me my sanity. LOL

Do ya'll know women like this?? Or did you in high school???

Anyways...on to better and brighter things... I have scrapbooked again!!! :)

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My gorgeous baby her to pieces!!! It's hard to tell in this scan...but she is almost my mini twin. Except for the blonde highlights. Well..and she isn't as big as me (thank goodness!). Anyways...she is slowly changing in looks though..makes me sad. It's silly but I love that she looks like me.


Ashley said...

Oh, man, I totally have a friend who is the same as your Friend A!! She's up the ass of "Friend B" all the time and Friend B could totally care less. I don't know why she does it! I'm embarrassed for her.

Chris-el-da said...

know what you mean about the friends! in my social psych class we learned that this behavior stems from a basic need to feel loved, wanted, accepted... We all do this i suppose, in one way or another - but some people take it to the extreme and i have to feel sorry for those who don't get that reciprocation.

where've you been? we miss you on the TC board!